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Dear Mayor and Councillors,

As officials elected, that “We the People” voted for and placed our trust into, I believe you have the obligation to your constituents to represent the District as a whole. I have grave concerns with the ongoing mandates being implemented by our government. I understand that these new mandates are supposed to be temporary, but I no longer believe this to be true. In March when this Pandemic was declared as a global concern, and the first measures were implemented, I did my part, I closed my business, I stayed home. I then took that time to explore and try to make sense of all this.

Very soon I realized that information was coming forward, hopeful information, therapeutics, and rates of contagion and mortality were not as high as predicted, and so on, but strangely that optimistic information was censored and flat out dismissed without debate. That for our own safety we were to only listen to our government officials. This concerned me. I for one have taken the time for years to invest in the knowledge of my own health, so there are certain things I am very aware of and know to be true.

At this current time and honestly since the erection of this Pandemic, I don’t feel that a mass amount of people living here are being considered. People who have spent endless hours trying to make sense of the mandates that have been forced upon us. People who have been studying the true science behind viruses, masks, RT-PCR tests, vaccines, etc. Our responsibilities as individuals to take care of our own health, has been completely ignored by government, therapeutics have been dismissed, even though many scientific studies and practicing physicians have had amazing results, only to be censored and slandered. I personally cannot make sense of this. I ask you this, is using a generic drug like Hydroxychloroquin, with the aid of Zinc, that has been FDA approved for over 60years more dangerous than locking down our country? The measures being implemented are far worse than the cause. A simple look into vital statistics can prove this. It seems that in 2020 the only deaths that matter are the ones who have died of Covid 19.

The following is copied from the Calgary Herald, quote “According to CTV News, as of Nov 15, 10,947 Canadians had died from COVID 19 and 10,781of those who died were in long-term homes, figures I have not been able to independently confirm. If that’s true, it means only 166 Canadians not living in long-term care have died from COVID-19 in Canada. This number should give us pause” end quote. I am earnestly concerned and plead with you to study these topics, and so much more, that just do Not make sense. I have decided to start with my local government to raise these concerns, in hopes that people who choose to live here in this beautiful place might possibly have similar values and concerns. As a citizen and business owner in Invermere my concerns should be addressed. And as my representative in the scope of government I ask you to raise these concerns in the provincial and federal level.

We are all humans and our future generations are depending on our actions today. I personally feel that 45 thousand doctors and scientists that signed the Barrington Declaration, from all over the globe, are being dismissed. It boggles my mind that some transparency in order to alleviate mounting division between Canadians has not transpired. Why not have open discussions, opposing opinions presented, between experts in their fields, and then these life altering decisions be put to a vote, we are implementing measures that will affect the human race and every human has the right to have their voices heard.

I have faith in humanity to rise above this, that if we all felt we could trust in the information presented, and the people representing us, that we would all do the right thing, it is our natural ability to know right from wrong that will see us through. I also understand that this is my opinion and that you represent the whole, and that an irrational “fear” of this virus without sound true science backing, again a look at the CDC mortality rate proves this, but still this “fear” is currently sitting precedent. I am a calm person by nature and do not go looking for fights, but when it comes to what I see coming l will not quietly take this deceit from my own Provincial and Federal Governments. I will leave you with a copy of Dr Stephen Malthouse’s letter addressed to Dr Bonnie Henry, that she has not publicly addressed, which I find astonishing. Why not put the public at ease, there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Thank-you for your time.

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