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James Lyons-Weiler is an author and research scientist. His musings on COVID19 vaccines address pathogenic priming.

Abbreviated from website:

During his graduate school years, James enjoyed teaching ecology, evolution, genetics, environmental biology, and population genetics.  He studied multivariate statistics, regression theory, and applied statistics.  His mind was always at work in wonder, looking at the world of nature at all scales, both as a biologist and as a graphical mathematician.  Often relating questions in biology, an observational and experimental field, to quantitative system, he could see solutions to complex problems first, only to have work backwards to study their correctness.  He excelled in the areas of permutation and resampling-based methods of hypothesis testing of big questions in science, developing new methods in this area, and new applications in molecular genetics.  His terminal degree is in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology.

James Lyons-Weiler is a popular speaker at many public speaking engagements.  Because he has a keen eye for important open questions in science, his presentations often draw crowds, and some make news.  As an advocate for the public trust in science, he has always kept a keen eye on translational potential in biomedical research.

Given the immense potential for knowledge from biomedical research to reduce human pain and suffering, he does not tolerate unethical or lazy practices in research, and believes that senior faculty members should see junior faculty not as competitors, but as their progeny: their legacy.  His popularity with students and researchers from all walks of biomedicine and biology allowed him to branch out from cancer to offer bioinformatics data analysis services. His enthusiasm for translational research and his love of helping others helped the core project last for seven years, and he and his staff members provided data analysis and study design consultations to over 100 research projects.

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