Columbia Valley Freedom Lovers

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Calling All Who Love Freedom in the Valley!
Stand together for our democratic rights

End Restrictions
No more lockdowns • No mandatory vaccines • No great reset

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We are making history

Let’s work together to ensure our society continues to support creativity and freedom of thought.

But I am only one person.
What can i do?

  • Think for yourself.
  • Do your research from a wide variety of sources.
  • Talk to people and connect with your local activist group (or start one!)
  • Protest peacefully. Bring a friend or five to the protest with you.
  • Write letters to mayor & council, Members of parliament provincially and federally.

Know your rights when it comes to
Restrictions, Masking and Vaccination.
Together we are strong

Join the Peaceful Revolution

Stand Up For Democratic Process and Human Rights

Find Your Voice

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