Columbia Valley Freedom Lovers

Columbia Valley Freedom Lovers2021-03-20T15:15:18+00:00

Calling All Who Love Freedom in the Valley!
Stand together for our democratic rights

End Restrictions
No more lockdowns • No mandatory vaccines • No great reset

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We are making history

Let’s work together to ensure our society continues to support creativity and freedom of thought.

But I am only one person.
What can i do?

  • Think for yourself.
  • Do your research from a wide variety of sources.
  • Talk to people and connect with your local activist group (or start one!)
  • Protest peacefully. Bring a friend or five to the protest with you.
  • Write letters to mayor & council, Members of parliament provincially and federally.

Know your rights when it comes to
Restrictions, Masking and Vaccination.
Together we are strong

Join the Peaceful Revolution

Stand Up For Democratic Process • Health Freedom • Human Rights

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