The past year has been difficult to say the least! Children and families have become collateral damage due to the lockdowns and restrictions. Just about every part of children’s lives have been affected, cancelled, disrupted.

I have witnessed some amazing children find creative ways to make it through and others (equally amazing) that are truly struggling mentally, emotionally and physically. Perhaps your kids are having a hard time with online school, stress and added pressure in regular school, missing their friends and family connections, having a lack of experiences for their early development, their favourite sport was cancelled, struggling with mask wearing, problems dealing with fear and anxiety, depression.

The goal of this page it to raise awareness, to support other people, to share useful information and more. If anyone has a story they wish to share, I am creating graphics to highlight your children’s experiences over the past year..can be anonymous. Hoping to collect as many as possible to send to officials to make a change! They can be emailed to

*DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A PUBLIC GROUP! However we do have anonymous posting available!
Posting to this page you are aware that it may be shared publicly with local government officials, news channels, other public platforms. Kid’s voices are important, let’s make a change!


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