The Monotti Protocol aims to be at the same time extremely simple yet extremely effective. It consists of three main epidemic or pandemic control approaches, to be implemented all together in order for it to work best, and eliminate the need to worry about respiratory viruses at a societal level. I compiled it on the 2nd January 2021 as an alternative and less disruptive solution than the unprecedented and untested Covid19 epidemic restrictive control measures put in place by a number of governments. These measures were all based on assumptions without any evidence to their efficacy or validity, apart from a few predictive epidemiological models made when the parameters of aerosol transmission of this virus were still unknown, and there was no allowance for pre-existing immunity, nor for the variety of each individual’s personal immunity potential to mount a strong and effective natural defence against SARSCoV2 aided by high enough levels of vitamin D for killer T-cells to draw upon.

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