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Originally I started this project as a way to channel some heavy anxiety about the state of the world, our country and our freedom. It was a positive way to channel sleepless nights, to feel like I was making some kind of contribution. I started with the cheeky name “the accidental activist”, as it all felt haphazard. I was shell-shocked that we’d come to this point so quickly. Then it rolled into “the apologetic activist”, as I contemplated the typical Canadian persona, our general acceptance of a benevolent authority as government, our desire to keep the peace and to avoid conflict. Now, a few months later and as we face martial law in the land of the free, the monicker has morphed to the Unapologetic Activist. It’s time to throw off the mantel of timid and complacent. What do we want? How do we want to live? What do we value? It’s time to stand up.

Spectral Spectrum

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The truth has no rightness or leftness. It cannot be manipulated - it unfolds before us, and when we are still, we know it in our hearts. People are people, in the end. When we live well, we love ourselves, our friends and our families to the fullest. That is all there is.

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