Our disconnect with cultivation and our food source.
The collective shame constantly pushed in re Indigenous people.
The divide cultivated between indigenous and emigrants.
The shame being pushed based on skin colour.
The shame being pushed on natural biology. #enoughisenough
The renunciation of select cultural heritage.

These are all connected. #SystematicDemoralization

They breed irreverence for the land.
They engenders division.
They challenge soulful life.
They collapse the spirit.
They create fertile ground for fear.
They create room for global panic.
They create room for #digitalTotalitarianism, methods and madness.

So this is where we begin: #beyondTheNewNormal

We reconnect with the land..
We all recognize the great spirit that flows in all others.
We let go old injury..
We choose respect for others and for our own bodies.
We celebrate #MedicalFreedom.
We discard labels for skin colour and gender identity.
We celebrate faith.
We celebrate truth.

We begin with love.


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