The truth has no rightness or leftness. It cannot be manipulated – it unfolds before us, and when we are still, we know it in our hearts. People are people, in the end. When we live well, we love ourselves, our friends and our families to the fullest. That is all there is.

There are perspectives and lenses, socio-economic circumstance, generational emotional tyrannies, authoritarian oppression, existential angst — so many things that veil and colour our vision. But when we strip it all away, we are simply love and light. Any forces that attempt to take this away from us will always fail. Always. When we believe in soul and perpetual existence.

This is tough stuff to hold on to right now, when the political worlds around can be so full of ugliness, control, isolation, fear. When our churches are shuttered, when communion with our people is thwarted. When music and dance has been officially cancelled. We as human beings need physical and emotional closeness and deep community to really thrive.

But still we can breathe deeply and sing and dance in our kitchens. Let’s hum our hus together. And find our spirits and our god outside and in, over and over again. Let’s keep reminding each other that we choose light.

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