Science – good science – is a dialogue, not a monologue. There is no “The Science”. Any science that disallows questions is suspect. There are plenty of legitimate, honourable, non-complicit scientific sources that are being shut down at the moment. Many many honourable voices.

Even the most skeptical should ask why – why repress the information? When information is repressed, there’s your indicator of where to do your research. Where to start digging. Any one who has the skills to research needs to broaden their horizons now. And for goodness sake follow the money. Look at who is funding the universities, the journals, the pharma, the politicians, big media.

Who stands to gain, pushing this experimental gene therapy on a global population? Year 1 in the bare minimum of a 3 year trial, and already there is talk of ineffectual method and needing a booster at 6 months. Six months! Would that be the last booster necessary for a virus doing what it’s done for millions of years? How many humans, how many boosters? That’s crazy cha-ching math. Unfortunately many are willing to sell their souls for ducats.


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